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Carpet Maintenance Program

We provide restoration cleaning but,
we recommend a carpet and upholstery
maintenance program.

Unfortunately, many carpets are only cleaned when the
carpet has become noticeably soiled. Corrective cleaning will only restore some of the carpet’s original appearance for a short period of time. With a maintenance scheduled program, fluctuations in appearance levels between clean and soiled carpet are
greatly reduced. An everyday pleasant and clean working environment need not cost any more than the price of
periodic corrective cleanings.

A carpet maintenance program increases the carpet expected life cycle from five to ten years.


We have different types of maintenance and cleaning
systems to deal with any soiling situation, conditions
of the carpet, type of carpet and installation.

We can develop a Carpet Maintenance Program
to meet your specific carpet requirements and save
your company’s money

Protect your investment and have a clean environment
for your business






Professional carpet and
upholstery services


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